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You fell in love with the Italian language but you don’t know where to start. Or you studied Italian but you didn’t reach the proficiency you deserve.

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  • What is "How to Italian" and how can it help me?

    How to Italian is blog and is divided into three sections according to your knowledge of the language:

    • Can you just say “Ciao” or “Pizza, per piacere”? Are you, indeed, a new student? So, start with the Beginner section that corresponds to an A1, A2 of the CEFR.
    • Those who already have a bit of experience can follow the Intermediate level – B1, B2 of the CEFR.
    • For those who are already familiar with the language and want to enrich the vocabulary and the ability to understand, there is the Advanced section – C1, C2 of the CEFR.
  • How often do we publish articles?

    Every week we publish 1 or 2 new articles on each section of How to Italian. On the 1st week of the month we write about Italian culture, on the 2nd about Italian music, on the 3rd about Italian lifestyle and on the last one about Italian grammar and Italian cuisine. The topics are the same for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, so you can pass from one section to the other in order to increase the difficulty of the articles and improve your vocabulary and comprehension.

  • Audio

    To train your listening skills, each of the articles of How to Italian includes an audio version. This can improve your pronunciation skills as well, but if you are not sure about them you can download our free guide “How to … pronounce Italian”. It contains the explanation (in English) of Italian pronunciation rules and many examples for each Italian sound. Moreover, the guide includes an audio version, with which you can practice your pronunciation while listening to a native speaker.

    Want to learn? Click here.

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Now that you know everything, it is time to start our journey on How to Italian to discover Italian and Italy. Click below the level from which you want to start. Enjoy 🙂